Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Greatest act of Love

So one of the prompts this week with Get Messy Art Journal has to do with the greatest act of love.  When I read the words, I could think of nothing that could top Jesus dying on the cross for US.

Immediately, I knew that I wanted to watercolor an image of Jesus' feet nailed to the cross.

I spent the whole day kicking ideas around my head of other embellishments or techniques that I could add to the page.  I kept coming up short.  No matter what, everything that I imagined would take away from the message, instead of add to it.

As I sat down to work on the page, I thought...something will come to me as I work on it.  Still, there I was, done with the watercolor, and nothing came.  That was when I decided that this was one of those times where less really was more.  

Thank you Lord for everything you've done for me.